First article…For any new customer item, we require a sample, print or both to initiate the pricing and engineering. We will quote mold cost, cost per part and delivery date of first article. Once your first article is completed, your approval of the item will initiate production of your PO run.

Engineering, Chemistry and design…our veteran group is prepared to utilize your existing print or completely design a part to solve your challenges from scratch.

Blanket orders…a huge advantage for our customers is our blanket order program. Advantages of these orders include locking in a price for a calendar year and knowing we are continuously filling your order BEFORE you have requested shipment.

Production control…success and quality leave clues, and we have fine-tuned our production process with our core product lines and industries.

Quality inspection…problems and concerns can be observed anywhere along the production line by any member of our crew, including a final inspection as we package your shipment.

Customer feedback…All SjoBrand customers are encouraged to give us random or agreed-upon scheduled feedback regarding our quality, timeliness and customer service.


For all sales inquiries, please contact:
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