SjoBrand | Quality Rubber and Urethane Components for Industry | Fast Turnaround! SjoBrand | Quality Rubber and Urethane Components for Industry | Fast Turnaround!
Urethane elastomers have seen increased popularity for industrial applications for a number of reasons including:

• Versatility – although considered part of the rubber family of elastic polymers, urethane resins begin as liquids and can be cast, or molded, into almost any shape or size.

• Hardness – urethane polymers can be formulated to produce a wide range of hardnesses, from a pliable consistency similar to common rubber, to a strength reminiscent of concrete.

• Abrasion resistence – formulated correctly, urethane offers improved abrasion resistance versus rubber and steel.

• Environmental compatibility – urethane can perform better in many chemical, corrosive, and low temperature environments.

• Performance – urethane can withstand repeated flexing and bear heavier loads, while weighing less, producing less noise in operation, and offering superior compatibility with electrical currents.

SjoBrand’s insures your project receives all these benefits. Leveraging years of experience, our engineers have built or customized much of our manufacturing equipment to exceed industry standards and facilitate a strict quality control process. After our precise analysis of the customer’s requirements, specific polymer formulations are recommended and machine-mixed to guarantee consistency throughout the production run.

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