SjoBrand | Quality Rubber and Urethane Components for Industry | Fast Turnaround! SjoBrand | Quality Rubber and Urethane Components for Industry | Fast Turnaround!
The Sjobrand Rubber Products Division services a variety of industries with precision rubber parts using a vulcanized molding process. Rubber compounds share many of the same attributes as our urethane product line including:

• Versatility – derived from the latex of rubber trees, rubber can be cast, or molded, into almost any shape or size.

• Hardness – varying the formulation and cell density can produce a wide range of hardnesses, or durometer, from squeezeably soft to hard as a bowling ball.

• Environmental compatibility – rubber can perform well in many chemical, corrosive, and low temperature environments

• Flexibility – rubber has tremendous elasticity, think of a rubber “super ball.”

Rubber components have specific capabilities that require its choice over urethane or other materials for many applications, including:

• High Friction Coefficient – rubber ‘grips’, as in an automotive tire, and is ideal for applications that need to grab and move material.

• Leakproof – again, the car tire is a well known example of rubbers ability to contain air and liquids.

SjoBrand engineers will understand your application and recommend the appropriated rubber formulation. Or, your part can be chemically analyzed to determine its formulation and that compound replicated exactly.

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